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Unless you are ridiculously lucky (or loaded), your first home will not look like your dream home the second you put the key in the lock. 

Buying a home is a considerable investment, and many new owners need the means to jump straight into significant renovations. Relatively, people all grew up with that vision of their dream home. You might have had that image of a self-sufficient smart home, farmhouse, gigantic mansion, or palace growing up. However, you grow up to the realities of life, and that dream seems to be further than you expect. First, you go from living in a hostel dormitory to sharing an apartment with a college roommate or whatever the case may be. You may even have your apartment, but not with the elements you have always imagined. 

When it comes to day-to-day living, many people always put off turning their house into their dream home. Not only does it often feel unachievable, but it is a lot of work. But it does not have to be. Many simple ideas can completely transform your space. Whether your dream is to renovate every room, add an extension, or add little touches, here are five ways to transform your house into your dream home.

#1. Light It Up. Adding light to your home will make it feel fresher, more prominent, and ultimately homier. You can maximize your rooms by adding more oversized windows. Instead of allowing your home to become dark when the early evenings roll around, you can make the most of the light with more oversized windows. They will let more light in for maximum daylight and airiness. Also, add more lighting features around the home to light up your rooms when it is dark in the evenings or when it is a dull day. Wall and ceiling lights are great options to optimize space, which makes the home feel bigger. Instead of adding floor lamps, which take up space, add lights to areas that do not take up space. A lighter and brighter home will make the rooms feel larger, helping a small living space feel more comfortable and spacious.

#2. Go Green. Interior design and home features are taking inspiration from the outside nowadays. With sustainability being a huge factor many consider when renovating their homes, more eco-conscious features are added. These features add value and sustainability to any home

#3. Fix Your Fixtures. Swapping out the little things may seem minor or pointless. They can make a huge difference. Next to kitchen renovations or significant budget additions, it will seem silly at the time, but you will notice the impact they have on the overall finish of the home. Those changes will only add up if you get started. Start bringing in the finishes and styles you love. For example, swap outlet covers, doorknobs, hinges, faucets, and other hardware. These little touches can make a basic room or furniture appear more luxurious.

#4. Add Art. Like paint, art is another improvement that does not need to wait. Do not put off hanging pictures or prints until a room is “finished.” Spoiler alert: rooms are never finished. Design elements bring less joy or display as much personality as pictures and art.

#5. Dream and Dream Some More. Planning and imagining your dream home should be part of the fun, so do not try to rush the process. Many homeowners try to run extensive renovations–especially kitchen and bath–and end up regretting their decisions in haste. Take your time: live in your space, learn how you use it, bring home samples, sketch plans, and talk to experts. Write down your ideas and desires, then come back and review them after a few months. If you are still excited about your plans, take it as a sign to move forward. If not, you are saving yourself money and a crushing buyer’s remorse.

In Conclusion

You should know a home is never finished. No matter how perfect the outcome you have now looks, you may want something different with time. Take your time with the transformation; take your time and work with your budget. It is your house, and you have all the time to make it your dream home. If it is a dream home, it sure will require a lot.

Further, you can also read a book that helped create a home and helped create better lives. An excellent example of this is the Untold Architectural Black History of Tampa, Florida, by Ronald Lee Harden. The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Gaither, and Bloomingdale High Schools, the Harbour Island project, Mobley Park, and Osbourne Landing Apartments, are just a few of the projects architectural project manager Ronald L. Harden has been a part of. This later helped Tampa’s community expand economically and culturally in 36 years. These projects have helped create homes, jobs, and cultural events for the city’s African-American and other mixed communities and helped them make better lives for themselves.

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