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Tampa is among the most underrated communities in Florida. However, the area’s safety and comfort should be enough proof of otherwise.

If given the opportunity to relocate, people would likely choose somewhere popular.

New York, Australia, and even France are cities that promise effervescence in their corners, of grandiose and jaw-dropping scenery wherever one looks. These places are at the top of people’s minds when thinking about their ideal house and the perfect neighborhood. These places fit into everyone’s dreams due to how beautiful they’re commonly portrayed.

However, as a trade-off, people would typically deal with the stark contrast of dreams from reality, of media’s portrayal and their actuality. What comes with these popular areas are possibly overcrowded and commonly unkempt streets. Even the city of love doesn’t have the cleanest and most pleasing spaces in every corner. But when improved living conditions, safety, and comfort are what people look for when choosing a new residence, where should they consider moving?

A Hidden Gem Within Florida

Whether it’s the serene downtown lifestyle like Burlington or the old money atmosphere with a vintage vibe like Berkeley, Tampa, Florida, offers every option. A city comprising a widely varied neighborhood, each with a distinct ambiance, Tampa is where life thrives in energy.

Although it’s primarily considered a metropolitan city, the comforting breeze its seas bring and the serene sunsets it provides turn it into a sanctuary.

However, despite this beauty, the community remains relatively unknown.

Whenever they’re in Florida, tourists know about Bloomingdale. They are wildly interested and invested in the history and beauty of the harbors like Palm and Safety Harbor. Nobody pays that much attention to the nearby and equally wonderful city: Tampa. It’s one of the bigger cities in Florida. But it’s a name that doesn’t come up naturally in discussions.

With safety and comfort as its top distinctive qualities, it’s surprising how it’s not as widely known as the others.

The Local Guide to Tampa’s Safety and Comfort

Perhaps, if people search for an intimate and smaller community to move into, Tampa won’t suit their preferences. But it’s the way to go if they’re looking for safety and comfort, not to mention impressive settings.

Author Ronald Lee Harden shows his readers a glimpse of the community of Tampa in the Untold Architectural Black History book he published. Although it primarily focuses on his architectural projects within the community, Ronald doesn’t fail to capture and showcase the city’s beauty. With his pieces, Tampa has become a flawless balance of a busy central with tranquility on its sidelines.

This further development provided the city with its expanded and improved essence.

However, people recognize that what comes with a city’s development is the unfortunate increase in risk and danger. The more a place advances and grows, the more it possibly becomes a breeding ground for crimes and a place of interest for lawbreakers. Like any city, some areas pose the most danger to visitors or residents. According to statistics, these are mainly within the east and north of downtown Tampa, with South Tampa as the safest – use this information however willed.

Having the safest and most dangerous areas in a single city is nothing new. One of the top questions people would consider asking when visiting is, is Tampa generally safe? Beyond these districts, what’s the probability of crime and danger?

The City’s Safety

Despite its growing activity, the city remains relatively safe, maintaining its quintessence of safety and comfort. To put a figure in this claim, Tampa’s crime rate remains at 21 per 1,000 residents, with a violent crime rate of 5 per thousand.

The number can look intimidating, but it entails the normalcy of crime. After all, regardless if people deny it, crime is typically a universal occurrence. Wherever one goes, there will be an existing crime rate, but this number is merely trifling in Tampa. This guarantees tourists or could-be residents that encountering violence within its bounds is unlikely.

In fact, the city was ranked as one of the family-friendly cities in the US. Based on the cost of living, crime rate, and childcare services, Tampa has ranked 8th in America. It provides ample resources and opportunities to increase families’ quality of life and help their child’s development. Hence, all in all, Tampa is one of the safer options for residents with its abundance of assets and capital.

The City’s Comfort

After settling the debacle around its safety, it’s time to consider the solace the city provides.

After all, it’s not enough to live in safety. People also want and deserve to live with pleasure and satisfaction – all found in Tampa. As a city brimming with bustling commercial for luxury and the peacefulness of coastal areas, there’s plenty to do in Tampa. Even during the rainy seasons, the site still showcases the sun in the morning, allowing people to bask in its warmth and calm. Living in or visiting its vicinities offer people an endless array of adventures.

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