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Excellent architectural design often needs to be noticed by the public at large. Whether we admit it or not, we frequently don’t even consider the rudiments of why particular works of architecture are “good.” But there’s so much more about architecture that we should learn to appreciate.

For most folks, architecture is “another building” they pass by. But the Untold Architectural book by Ronald tells a story of deep appreciation for the architectural side. Ronald Lee Harden, author of Untold Architectural Black History of Tampa, Florida: My 36-Year Architectural Career in Tampa, he’s well aware of how astonishing architecture is and how rich the history is behind this art form. In his book, he talks in-depth about how impressive the Black architectural history of Tampa, Florida, is.

Now, you might wonder, “Should there be a reason why people need to realize that excellent architecture is valuable?” The answer is YES, and today we’ll discuss some reasons showcasing their importance.

Why is Architecture Here in the Real World?

Each building needs secure construction work and foundations to last a long time. But how do architects ensure their designs will endure the test of time? Buildings have “specifications,” a set of measurements and estimates to protect the individuals inside a building or home from weather conditions like snow, wind, rain, and climate.

Aside from the purpose of being a shelter, a building’s or house’s design needs to serve the people using the space inside. Other buildings are sometimes called “necessities,” including gas stations, offices, housing, banks, grocery stores, schools, and hospitals. There are typical leisure and entertainment establishments, including sports arenas, shopping malls, museums, and theaters.

All of these buildings characterize the individuals who live in the state, city, or town, and it’s an architect’s job to make sure it does reflect it.

Why Excellent Architecture is Valuable and Needed

The Untold Architectural book by Ronald aims to showcase what architectural designs and buildings Black Americans have made, particularly his personal experience within his 36 years of architectural career. Ronald Lee Harden is well aware of what makes a building stand out. He also knows why excellent architecture is valuable, but the question is, do you?

If not, check out some reasons why good architecture work is essential and its influence on society.

• Improves Quality of Life – It’s hard to be proud of your home or building if it only has four walls and one door, right? It’s the architect’s job to add beauty, art, and creativity to the structure, and they often do it in ways we never expect. They have the knowledge, skills, and artistic guile to make any establishment they work on come to life.

• Progress and Improvement in Society – One of the most exhilarating aspects of design and architecture is how it allows our culture and society to progress. Great architecture advances with the trend and time, encouraging utilizing more efficient and healthier practices.

• Helps Make the Economy Flow – Architecture aids in driving the economic flow in the right direction, mainly if their designs aren’t too expensive. And we’re not just talking about aesthetic design here.

Considering factors such as where is the building’s location, what is the client’s goal, what type of traffic is prevalent in the area, and what could help direct that traffic to increase the client’s profit?

Government regulations are also being considered since an essential aspect of good architecture is designing an area that can safely and comfortably cater to all kinds of people or employees.

• Representing Culture – Believe it or not, architecture is among the most prominent ways of representing culture. Buildings have been telling us stories carved in their designs for thousands of years. Some examples are the Sistine Chapel, the pyramids and Sphinx, and the St. Basil Cathedral.

Architecture is not just about building a solid building or home. It’s about turning that home or building into a work of art that is beautiful and sustainable — and that’s why excellent architecture is valuable.

If you wish to discover more outstanding works of architecture, read the Untold Architectural book by Ronald Lee Harden. Get his book here so you can start indulging yourself in the architectural works of Black Americans.

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