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To continue supplying society with a steady source of entertainment and creativity, how does one stay motivated as an artist?

Art will always have an elaborate relationship with society and humanity. It not only is a source of entertainment but also a catalyst for change, a communication of belief that persuades its audience toward a similar direction. Through its various forms, art has colored the world and enhanced people’s experiences, proving the value of its existence.

One can never experience a world where art is absent.

Art has always been a part of humanity, a language artists have spoken and people have understood. It’s a unique means of communicating beliefs and establishing morals. Therefore, art becomes more than an object for aesthetics. Instead, it’s a prerequisite for society to thrive.

Hence, it’s imperative to stay motivated as an artist to drive society forward. But how does this happen?

Every Creative’s Urge to Create

Ronald Lee Harden is an example of an artist who constantly creates different mediums of art. From paintings to photography and even architecture, he has an unwavering drive to produce. Like a true creative, he takes on various projects to explore the scope of his skills and the effectiveness of his language. He’s among the many who have managed to sustain a fire and stay motivated as an artist.

Motivation is a tricky concept for people dabbling in the arts.

An insufficiency leads to poor productivity and output. This is why they’re constantly reminded to stay motivated as an artist, to fuel their fires and keep them crackling. However, they should also be cautious about motivation becoming too much. While it can seem beautiful having to produce artworks one after another, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll hit the ceiling and burn out.

Like everything else, there’s a beautiful in-between in artistry. But before achieving this, one must start with the essentials: becoming motivated and creating.

How Does One Stay Motivated as an Artist?

Motivation is big in every artist’s life.

To stay motivated as an artist is equivalent to breathing for people. It’s what makes them creatives in the first place, the source of their productive streak. Learning how to continue fueling this fire is valuable for any artist. Not only does this increase productivity, but it also improves their quality.

Where does one start?

Schedule Short Yet Focused Productivity Time

Most artists only experience a spur of motivation at the onset of an idea when it’s fresh and the possibilities are yet to be limited by reality. However, the moment they start actually getting their hands dirty, this enthusiasm may begin to wane.

How do they avoid this and stay motivated as an artist?

The moment a project becomes tedious, this doesn’t mean it should ultimately be dropped.

Interest won’t always sustain the project from start to finish. However, one way to revive this is by embracing that inspiration comes and goes. In accepting this, artists learn not to give up even when emotions have run down. When this happens, it doesn’t signal them to give up.

Instead, they should decide and plan time when to commit and when to rest. Regardless of how short this would be, it’s a great way to avoid burnout.

Seek Feedback From Others

To stay motivated as an artist, one must open up to feedback and criticism. Artists can grow their craft by getting ideas from others. Whether the practice is independent in nature, hearing what others have to say can improve the project and help artists find motivation.

This can be done by setting up online portfolios that accept comments from anyone who views it. It’s a surefire way to get thoughtful feedback from people who care.

Another way to gather these responses is for artists to start blogs where they can share their creative processes. This isn’t only a way to stay motivated as an artist but can also inspire others. By making one’s progress public, artists don’t necessarily have to feel pressured to continue working. Instead, they can use the blog visits and appreciation as fuel to continue crafting.

Set Up Inspirational Decors

This can be a bold and decorative way to stay motivated as an artist. Not only would these double as room ornaments, but they are an ever-present source of inspiration. Artists can look at these decors when times get tough and feel heartened by them. They can even make one to remind themselves what they’re capable of creating.

By setting these up and intimately customizing their art room, artists create an environment that enables them to feel at home and produce their best.

Acknowledge Accomplishments

People are their own worst critics. But to stay motivated as artists, they have to recognize how much they’ve grown and how their artworks have changed throughout. Looking back at their journey can be a great source of motivation. It’s a surefire way to feel happy and empowered to continue on the road to growth. This is also one of the reasons why it’s beneficial for artists to open a blog where they can share their creative progress.

Are you intrigued to see what kind of artist Ronald Lee Harden is? Click on his gallery to view his recent works!

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